The Surveyor should make his presence known to the Master, or his representative, before starting any on board survey work. He is also reminded that he should at all times observe local port/terminal and ship’s safety regulations. In the absence of such regulations the Surveyor shall carry out the survey following best safety practices. It is NOT necessary to survey cargo described on Bills of Lading as “scrap”,”slabs” or “billets” etcs (anything destined to be re-processed). Mounted and labeled conventional colour photographs (originals only) of cargo damage and general aspects of the cargo are required.


Full details of the ship’s cargo are to be reported. Inland,  coastal or other transit details of the cargo prior to shipment should be reported. Details of cargo storage facilities and conditions prior to shipment should be reported.

The Surveyor is to report the condition of the cargo prior to shipment and assist the Master in clausing of Mates Receipts/Bills of Lading to reflect accurately the condition of the cargo. If moisture, rust or suspicion of salt contamination is present before loading, a test for salt should be conducted and reported. If a test result is positive (if cargo was pre-carried by sea or by salted road in winter), ensure Mate’s Receipts I Bills of Lading are claused with the terms “chloride contamination present at loading”.

Other clausing should clearly indicate the condition found, using the following terminology:

Partly rust stained

Rust stained

Rust spots apparent

Some rust spots apparent

Rust spots apparent on top sheets

Some rust spots apparent on top sheets

Top sheets rusty

Some top sheets rusty

Rusty edges

Some rusty edges

Rusty ends

Some rusty ends

Packing/Covers rusty/wet (if packaged)

Rust spotted

Rust and oil spotted

Wet before shipment Wet steel tubes

Rust on metal envelopes

Covered with snow



Rust with pitting

Goods in rusty condition

Edges bent and rusty

Partly rusty

Details of mechanical damage should be repotted by recording the package number and ciausing as per the following examples:

Bent flanges and webs

Bundle pieces bent along entire length affects (number) pieceso

Bundie pieces projecting on ends (number) pieces.

Concrete coating hairline/chipped/broken at (location)

Dented in (number) mm at (location)

Edges dented/buckled at (location) where handling gear marked, affects (number) windings/plates

Edges scored/gouged at (location) Affects (number) windings/plates

Edges waved/distoåed/bent upwards at (location)

Flange bent in (number) positions at (location)

Interlocking grooves bent/dented in (number) positions

Machined surfaces scored/nicked/indented to a depth in excess of (number) mm.

Parking torn open/ punctured in number position at location.Packing edges at (location) dented where handling gear marked

Protective coating chaffed/scored/broken/missing at (location)

Strapped insufficiently, (number) strapping bands loose/broken/missing  Windings at (location) telescoped up to (number) mm.

A brief preliminary report, giving details of the general condition of the cargo at the pon prior to loading, should be forwarded to the Club and to the Member before loading commences. “Urgent” matters should be reported verbally. Details of any precautions taken for cargo protection from the weather during loading should be reported. The weather conditions encountered during loading should be reported.

Any damages by stevedoresi handling should be identified and reported accordingly. Another preliminary report, giving details of any problems which cannot immediately be resolved, must be prepared and promptly forwarded to the Club and the Member, also a copy given to the Master.

Where Agents are to sign Bills of Lading, the Master should give instructions that the Bills must be claused in accordance with clausing on the Mate’s Receipts- A copy of these instructions should be included in the report 18. Three copies of the report (attached forms Cargo 1, Cargo 2, and the written report) with related documents (copies of Bills of Lading, Mate’s Receipts and other loading documents) and colour photographs should be forwarded by courier to the Club, as soon as possible.

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