Some seafarers and shore staff feel that safety management systems has only brought more paper work and nothing else. But a detailed report on the impact and effectiveness of safety management systems suggests that “where safety management systems had been embraced as a positive step toward efficiency through a safety culture”, tangible positive benefits were evident. The basic philosophy of safety management systems is continuous improvement. The whole system has to be monitored at all times and any deficiencies that need correction must be noted.

The International safety management (ISM) code ensures the safety of life and ship at sea by implementing various safe practices on board ships. It works with the motive of satisfying three important goals; Safety of people on board, Safety of ship and cargo, and Safety of marine environment.

The ISM Code requires every Company to develop, implement and maintain a safety management system (SMS) which includes these functional requirements:

  • A safety and environmental protection policy;
  • Instructions and procedures to ensure safe operation of ships, and protection of the environment, in compliance with relevant international and flag State legislation;
  • Defined levels of authority and lines of communication between, and amongst, shore and shipboard personnel;
  • Procedures for reporting accidents and non-conformities with the provisions of this Code;
  • Procedures to prepare and respond to emergency situations; and
  • Procedures for internal audits and management reviews

The lack of The ISM Code implementation is recording all files manually. It needs a lot of space and can not be reviewed any time. It should be Continuous monitored and especially remote monitored by the DP evaluation and review of the effectiveness of the safety management system. While there is internal/  external audit or any parties concerned (especially for documents) would know the up date report  real , it should be accessed easily.

Now I am designing the data based system for the ISM code which will be easily reported and accessed through internet access. All forms in the ISM code are paperles and monitored any time.

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